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Keswick Natural History Society
The Society Indoor meetings are held on alternate Thursdays
between September and March at 7.30pm
in the Crosthwaite Parish Room in Keswick.
Field outings are organised at various times through the year.

Visitors are always welcome to the Society's events
for which there is a small charge

The 2014 - 2015 season Programme is available as a download.
Just go to the Indoor or Outdoor Progammes pages

Next Meeting: March 12th th

Sustainable fisheries or the end of the line?

Kay Foster

Kay was a Trustee of the Marine Conservation Society from 2007-2013 and is currently a Sea Champion (volunteer) for the same Society. She gave us a lively talk back in 2007 on the marine environment and here will identify the unsustainable elements of our fisheries industry, including over-fishing, discards and by-catch, habitat damage and genetic modification. She will then go on to describe the best currently-available proposals for overcoming these problems.

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